Omega Yeast Labs is proud to offer home brew pitches of select strains. Available at better brew supply shops in 19 states and 3 provinces (and counting). If your local shop isn’t carrying us yet, please help us out and ask if they’ve heard of us.

At Omega Yeast, our propagation process is designed to produce metabolically strong yeast that result in healthy fermentations.  As a result of genetic differences, we have observed strain to strain variation in cell counts under identical growth conditions.  Through our proprietary process, we generate the optimal number of yeast cells, which varies from strain from strain, to yield the best and most consistent performance for each particular strain.  Thus, for most of the strains in our collection, our home brew pitches contain at least 150 billion viable yeast cells at packaging.


In some instances, certain strains may contain up to 500 billion cells per pack while in some instances, other strains may contain slightly less than 150 billion cells per pack.  Most importantly, all packs contain a sufficient number of viable yeast cells to ferment 5 gallons of wort up to 1.060 OG at the time of packaging.