Tapcooler back pressure bottle filler

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Tapcooler back pressure bottle filler

  • is an easy to use filling machine for bottles!
  • enables the perfect filling of beer from a beer tap under counter pressure without loss of CO2.
  • is perfect for filling bottles for friends to take away or for your own refrigerator!

Would you like to fill your self-brewed? To get the fully carbonated beer from the lager keg in bottles, you need a counter pressure filler. The Tapcooler is a compact counter-pressure bottle filler that is plugged into taps or can also be connected to kegs with optional adapters (a suitable adapter would be the Z-2645). Suitable for Vent-Matic, Perlick 600 series, Ultratap and Intertap - with optional tap connection also for Perlick 500 and Alpha taps.

How does the principle work?

The operation of the Tapcooler is very simple: The functional principle is exactly the same as when transferring it into another keg: The bottle is pretensioned with CO2 and then filled with beer by slowly releasing the gas. You can plug the Tapcooler into the matching tap or - with the optional adapter - connect it to a beer keg. The counter pressure bottle filler has an adjustable pressure valve that controls the pressure in the bottle and thus the filling speed. CO2 and beer are filled from the bottom of the bottle through the filling rapier. The epee can be extended up to a length of 29 cm. You can use it to fill 0.3 l, 0.5 l or even larger bottles, but with a mouth of max. 29 mm.

The CO2 connection is connected directly to hoses with 4.8 mm (3/16 ") outer diameter via Push-Fit or with 6 - 8 mm hoses using the nozzle adapter supplied. The silicone bottle seals are suitable for crown corks and swing-top bottles Depending on the application, different hoses, which you can order. You can find them in the accessories section. The hoses are available in different lengths and with different adapters.
Depending on the CO2 content, beer temperature and bottle temperature, the beer can be filled without a lot of foam. All metal parts are made of stainless steel (SS304) and the CO2 adapter is made of pure aluminum.

Technical specifications

  • Nozzle adapter Push-Fit on hoses with an inner diameter of 6 - 8 mm
  • Push-Fit direct connection for hoses with an outer diameter of 4.8 mm
  • Length of full epee: 29 cm
  • Max. Bottle mouth: 29 mm
  • Material: stainless steel (SS304)
  • Material seal / O-ring: NBR

Scope of delivery

  • Storage bag
  • Tap cooler
  • Nozzle adapter Push-Fit on hoses with an inner diameter of 6 - 8 mm
Item weight: 0,11 kg