5-litre party-keg winter style

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  • A useful rubber bung with pressure control valve.
  • Dieser Kombinationsverschluss ist passend für 5 Liter Partyfässer.
    Mit diesem Verschluss können Sie ihr Fässchen ganz einfach selbst Be- und Entlüften und erleichter auch den Degenanstich.
  • Replace the plug with the vent plug of kegs after the tapping of them.
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5-litre party-keg - incl. reusable sealing plug, winter style

Without tap therefore easy to clean and reusable.

  • Wima welded side seam: outside protectivecoating with laquer and inside specially powder stripcoated
  • high pre-compression stability (min. 4 bar) due to the use of high quality tinplate
  • special inside lacquer meets food and beer specifications (FDA) and keeps the beverage tasting fresh
  • No matter what spout system is used, all closure and external tapping systems in the market fit this strong package
  • 100% pressure tested
  • disinfected bottom ends, top ends and dustcap
  • flanges and seams are lacquered with protective coating
  • stackable units

Technical data:

  • Diameter: 153 / 160 mm
  • Height: 246 mm
  • Volume: 5 litre
Diameter: 0 - 30 cm
Height: 0 - 30 cm
Volume: > 1 - 5 Liter
Product weight:0,52 Kg