WetHop - Cascade hop in a can 300 g

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Unfortunately, fresh, dried hops cannot be stored for too long and had already lost a bit of it's oils through drying and will lose a bit more of it's aroma over time.

Therefore the WetHop is a good alternative!

Advantages of WetHop:
  • Immediately after harvest, the hops are brought into pellet-like consistency without prior drying and then packed
  • It contains all the ingredients of the fresh, ripe hops without any loss of oils due to drying
  • Long durability
  • Packaged sterile
  • Is suitable for the whirlpool
  • Green and wet hops which bring the green hop aroma to your beer
  • Lupulin balls remain intact
  • It is easily soluble, which guarantees a quick flavor transition into the beer

Where can the WetHop be used:
  • In brewhouses with an external boiler
  • It is ideal for dry hop because it's sterile and does not float on top of the storage tank

  • When cooking -> 100 g pellets (90) : 130 g WetHop
  • Submit Whirlpool -> 100 g pellets (90) : 100 g WetHop
  • for intense the taste, in the cold area when tubing -> 100 g pellets (90) : 100 g WetHop

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