Unser täglich Bier gib uns heute (Das Bierwort für den Tag) - Autor: Esther Isaak und Freunde

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Unser täglich Bier gib uns heute - Das Bierwort für den Tag

Esther Isaak, Regine Marxen, Sylvia Kopp, Urs Willmann, Volker R. Quante, Norbert Krines, Martin Droschke, Antje Hinz, André Krüger, Benedikt Ernst, Barbara Teichmann, Daniel Diegmann, Detlef Rick, Edgar Wilkening, Falk Osterloh, Heike Wülfing, Juliane Eva Reichert, Kirstin Ruge, Kojka Stojanova, Klemens Wieringer, Michael Beyer, Martin Dambach, Peter Eichhorn, Ruben Trawelly, Srdan Majstorovic, Thomas Bassen, Tanja Feldmann, Theobald Fuchs, Torsten Goffin, Udo Smetan, Sünje Nicolaysen

"You can't drink a beer in the morning", but a wonderful beer text is the best way to start the day. 366 times, one of the 31 authors offers the reader the best to strengthen them: poetry, anecdotes, material and specialist knowledge, history, science and pure fantasy. Our texts are as diverse as our beer. The mixture makes the fascination. Everyone was allowed to write what they want. What we painted with words, Tanjowski completed with graphic passion.

Regarding the economic concept: All authors participate in the income as soon as the production costs of approx. 4000 € have been brought in, depending on the number of texts. This has become all the more important because the writing guild is more concerned with survival every day. This work should be placed next to the cookery and wine books. It is both a book for beer lovers, but it is also a wonderful gift for aesthetes and art nouveau lovers.

Number of pages: 456, hardcover, 14.8 x 21 cm, ISBN: 978-3-347-13126-2

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