Omega Yeast Lutra Kveik

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You´re looking for a clean and neutral yeast that drops out like a rock, although you don´t have the ability to ferment at lager temperatures? Then Lutra kveik might be the way to go!

Lutra got isolated out of Omegas Hornindal blend, as one of their customers brewed a remarkably clean Helles and sent it to Omega. They immediately started to take another look into the culture, made another few test batches with a few strains and the tasting panel described one strain as lager like, very clean and crisp. This strain got called Lutra.

Brewing with Lutra is easy, as there´s no need for a temperature controlled fermentation chamber. This yeast can handle temperatures from 20° C up to 35° C. To create the most lager like result, you should aim for a temperature between 20° C and 22° C.

With this unique strain you can ferment a variety of styles as pseudo Lagers, American Stouts and West Coast IPAs.



Floccation: Medium - High

Attenuation: 75 - 82 %

Temperature Range: 68 - 95 °F

Alcohol Tolerance: 11 %

Strain Type: Norwegian Kveik


Source: Omega Yeast

Yeast typ: top-fermenting
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