Omega Yeast Jovaru Lithuanian Framhouse

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Even though technically Jovaru isn´t a Kveik, it got discovered by Lars Marius Garshol in Lithuania. It is also part of the Farmhouse Yeast Registry.

Jovaru originates from the local brewery Jovaru Alus in Jovarai. The todays brewer got the yeast from her grandfather.

Jovaru produces citrussy and peppery notes along with a bit of bubblegum. Also, the mouthfeel will be very soft if you ferment beers with Jovaru.

This yeast got tested positive on the STA-1 gene which means it´s able to metabolize complex sugars and thus can attenuate higher than expected.



Floccation: Medium - Low

Attenuation: 80 - 85 %

Temperature Range: 70 - 95 °F

Alcohol Tolerance: 10 %

Strain Type: Lithuanian Ale


Source: Omega Yeast

Yeast typ: top-fermenting
Product weight:0,10 Kg
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