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Omega Yeast is an innovative yeast lab in regards of the development of new yeast strains. Their R&D Team is testing and trying to create new yeast strains with various techniques.

For Gulo Ale, two yeast strains were combined not only by blending but rather mating!

The result of mating an Irish Ale yeast with a French Saison is called Gulo Ale. This yeast got tested positive on the STA-1 gene which means it´s able to metabolize complex sugars and thus can attenuate higher than expected.

That´s why Gulo Ale can attenuate up to 90% AA and thus makes it a great choice for styles like Brut IPA where a high attenuation is being required.



Floccation: Medium

Attenuation: 85 - 90 %

Temperature Range: 68 - 77 °F

Alcohol Tolerance: 12 %

Strain Type: Hybrids


Source: Omega Yeast


Yeast typ: top-fermenting
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