Malt Mix "Festbier" - warm fermenting - crushed

Malzmischung Festbier - warme Gärung
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Malt Mix "Festbier" - warm fermenting - crushed

When we are talking about festivals, there are often a special beer. The 'Festbier' impresses with its light yellow color tat can go up to the golden yellow. The bitterness of your home-brewed beer will be finde to balanced. The ideal drinking temperature is 7-9°C so all flavors will be well develop

Color: light yellow - gold yellow

Wort: 13 - 15 %

Alcoholic content: 5 - 6 %

Bitterness: 18 - 28 IBU

Fermentation: Lager

  • 3,18 kg Pilsner malt, 0,99 kg Munich malt, 0,41 kg caramel malt dark 
  • hops-pellets Hallertauer Perle (aroma hops)
  • hops-pellets Tettnanger (aroma hops)
  • dry yeast SAFLAGER-S23 (1 or 2 packages of dry yeast; it depends on the selected alternatives)

Please choose one of the alternatives:

  • If you want to ferment at room temperature, please choose "warm fermenting". The set contains 1 package of dry yeast SAFLAGER S-23
  • If you want to ferment at temperature between 10°C and 14°C, please choose "cold fermenting". The set contains 2 package of dry yeast SAFLAGER S-23

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Braurezept Festbier

Zustand: crushed
Herkunftsland: Germany
Item weight: 4,90 kg