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Malt Mix "Bier nach Kölner Art"

Malt Mix "Bier nach Kölner Art"

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Malt Mix "Bier nach Kölner Art"

With this home-brewed beer you can expect a balanced beer with very subtle fruit aromas and flavors that come from the fermentation. In the background are the malt aromas that end in a refreshing finish. The soft, rounded taste with the noticeable fruity sweetness ends in medium bitterness due to the hops.
We have created this set according to Hubert Hanghofer's recipe from the book "Gutes Bier selbst brauen" (Art.: L-1000). (here you will also find the exact quantities).
We recommend to enjoy your homebrewed beer in a 0,2 liter glass, the 'Bierstange'.

Color: 7 EBC
Original wort: 12 °P
Alcohol content: 5,3 %
Bitterness: 25 IBU
Fermentation: top fermented
Mash Water: 12 liters
Sparge Water: 16 liters


  • Pilsner malt, sour malt, wheat malt.
  • Spalter Select aroma hops (pellets)
  • Wyeast liquid yeast Koelsch #2565
  • Brewing instructions

Braurezept Bier nach Kölner Art

: crushed
: Germany
Item weight: 4,70 kg
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