Hopfenliebe - book by Toni Nottebohm

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Hopfenliebe - by Toni Nottebohm

Everything about the hops!

The hops are considered to be the soul of beer. This is also true, because no other raw material is as important a flavor carrier in beer brewing as green gold. This book is a well-founded reference work that provides the ambitious home brewer with all the information about hops that is relevant to brewing in detail and clearly: The fascinating plant and its influence on bitterness and aroma. A comprehensive list of varieties and everything you need to know about hop cultivation, hop products and storage. Expert tips from beer brewers on the optimal yield, the right combination and the ideal balance in the beer. Refined craft beer recipes from all over the world round off the book and make it an indispensable work for every hobby brewer.

Toni Nottebohm turned her hobby into a profession and became a brewer at the American craft brewery Edge Brewing in Barcelona. She studied brewing in Weihenstephan and graduated with the highest grade of the year as a master brewer. Today she works as a brewer at BRLO in Berlin.

Title: Hopfenliebe
Author: Toni Nottebohm
This book is written in German.

ISBN: 978-3-8186-1053-1
Aroma, bitterness, types, cultivation and optimal use in beer.
With creative recipes from all over the world.
2020. 256 p., 172 color photos, 81 color drawings, hardcover.
Published by Ulmer Verlag

Product weight:1,15 Kg