Grainfather Conical Fermenter 30 liter PRO Edition + Dual Valve Tap+Temperature Controller

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Grainfather Conical Fermenter 30 liter+Dual Valve Tap+Temperature Controller

Modular System
The Grainfather conical fermenter offers you a modular system.
This system has been designed so that you can connect up to four fermenters to a glycol chiller. Each tank can be configured with its own cooling temperature.

Double Wall
For optimum insulation the fermenter has a double-walled sheath, which is filled with a thick layer of polyurethane foam.
This sheath ensures that the wort is constantly maintained at the desired temperature.

The fermenter has an integrated heating system. This is accommodated in a cavity in the double-walled sheath. The heating element has a power of 30 watts and is operated with 12 V.
The cooling element made of stainless steel is also accommodated in the cavity of the double-walled sleeve. This cooling element is welded to the inside of the fermentation tank and can be connected to the Grainfather cooling unit (with glycol).

As a result of the cooling and heating element being accommodated in the double-walled sheath, the interior of the fermenting tank remains free from interfering appliances, such as cooling coils or the like. And can thus be easily cleaned. Neither the cooling element nor the heating element need to be cleaned or disinfected since they do not come into contact with the wort.
An additional valve for sampling is available as an accessory.

Dual Valve Tap
With the dual valve tap you can simply remove samples or yeast. The second valve allows a sampling of beer above the sediment in the tank.

The digital, fully automatic temperature controller is attached to the fermenter by means of a magnet and allows fully automatic control of the heater or cooling (when the Grainfather glycol chiller is in use).

Glycol Chiller
Up to four fermentation tanks can be connected to a glycol chiller (available as an accessory). Because of the temperature controls on each individual tank, each tank can be configured with its own temperature - according to your needs.
The cooler cools to a temperature of 4 ° C (39 ° F). The refrigerant is glycol.

Delivery contents:

  • 1x Fermenting Tube
  • 1x Rubber Stoppers
  • 1x Grainfather Conical Fermentation Tank
  • 1x Dual Valve Tap
  • 1x Digital, Fully Automatic Temperature Controller
Volume: > 20 - 50 Liter
Product weight:11,90 Kg