Escarpment Berliner Brett

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Category: Bier Flüssighefe
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This is actually a piece of history. Isolated froma 40 years (!) old bottle from Hochschule Berliner Weisse, this Brettanomyces Anomalus culture is a true survivor. It can be used for Berliner Weisse for sure, but also everywhere, where a restrained brett character is desired. In this application, it produces white wine and a touch of citrus aroma. This yeast should only be used in conjunction with a Saccharomyces (either as co-pitch or secondary)



Floccation: Low - Medium

Attenuation: Low

Temperature Range: 18 - 24 °C

Alcohol Tolerance: High


Source: Escarpment Laboratories

Yeast typ: top-fermenting
Product weight:0,10 Kg
Contents:100,00 ml

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