Brumas BrauEule® III Starter Set mit Läutertopf Kupfer

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Brumas BrauEule® III

Made in Germany in the middle of the Bavarian Alps you will not find anything like the BrauEule on the market. You will be impressed with the quality. Just as the many professional breweries that use the BrauEule for test batches and education. 

The BrauEule Brewing Advantage: It does the brewing for you, it does the cleaning for you, it gives you time to do what you want. For example drinking delicious homebrew. 

Advantages of the BrauEule 

  • Machine controler programable 
  • Only 1 h of manual work per batch 
  • Mashing with direct steam injection 
  • Lautering tun for perfect wort quality 
  • Integrated prep. of sparging water 
  • Outside cooking device 
  • Closed boiler, less steam and odor 
  • Whirlpool for separation of trub 
  • Integrated cleaning programm 
  • Fermentation in bottles or barrels 

New hits:

  • Operation via touch display
  • Recipe management
  • Softening of the brewing water
  • Improved temperature control
  • Alarm when the mash temperature is reached
  • Alarm during hops during cooking
  • Alarm function for wort cooling
  • Aerating the spice
  • Pluggable temperature sensors and the controlled fermentation

Delivery: BrauEule III, Lauter tun with copper cover panel, 50 liter fermenter, 48 pices 1-liter-bottles, 1 BRUMAS Brau Pack


  • Dimensions (W, T, D): 60 cm, 57 cm, 50 cm 
  • Capacity Wort Pot: 34 Liter 
  • Capacity Lauter Tun: 36 Liter 
  • Power: 230V, 50 Hz, 2,1 kW
Product weight:36,00 Kg

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