Brewie - fully automated beer brewing machine (1st version)

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    Brewie - fully automated beer brewing machine

    With Brewie's advanced HighTech, your own Craft Beer is easy, comfortable and almost as if by itself. You invest only a little time, but you profit forever from the gained experience. Choose from thousands of delicious beer recipes and brew your favorite beers whenever you want. Brewie provides the ingredients for your beer recipes in the highest quality. All ingredients are delivered in the brewing kit, the so-called Brewie Pad, and you can get started at any time.

    With Brewie you have the complete brewing prozess under control, as each individual parameter can be precisely controlled. The reproducibility of quality beers on a small batch is thus easily possible. Let your imagination run wild and experiment with your chosen ingredients. Create your individual taste and refine it with spices and fine aromas. Maintain the unique taste you get with Brewie in your own recipe. So your favorite beer is almost ready for brewing' at any time.

    Develop your abilities and refine your brewing result by sharing knowledge and experience on Brewie's online platform with others. Exchange your beer recipes and profit from each other.

    Mechanical equipment:

    • Water / water heat exchanger
    • Level Sensors
    • current sensors
    • temperature sensors
    • SSR control
    • Long lasting (20,0000 hours) pumps
    • E-motor-operated valve control
    • Stainless steel case
    • Automatic water supply
    • Drain the wort at the touch of a button
    • Automated hops spread over 4 chambers

    Digital Features:

    • 4.3 "color LCD display with touch screen
    • ARM processor
    • Built-in WiFi module (b/g/n)
    • USB port
    • Control via Android, Windows Phone, iOS and web interface

    Technical specifications:

    • Power supply: 230V / 120VAC
    • Dimensions: 73.7 x 33.8 x 46.7 cm
    • Weight: 27 KG
    • Container volume: 27 liters
    • Brew volume: 10 - 20 liters
    • Power consumption: 1800 watts

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    Product weight:35,00 Kg