Bootleg Sour Weapon L - Ale Yeast

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This blend of different lactobacillus cuktures (L.Plantarum and L.Brevis) is the right weapon for a fast and aggressive souring! In 24 hours Sour Weapon L can drop the pH up to 3.0 !

But also as a co pitch with a Saccharomyces the pH drops quicky.

As with many other lactic acid bacteria you should only use it with unhoped wort, as the souring will be inhibited by hops.

Yeast typ: Lactic Acid Bacteria, Wild Lactobacillus plantarum

Floccation: Low

Attenuation: N/A

Fermentation Temperature: 29 - 37 °C (94 - 98 °F)

Final pH: 3,0 - 3,5

For direct pitch

Quelle: Bootleg Biology
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