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If you´re interested in complex, funky and sour beers you should try this blend. This culture was sourced from the former homebrewer and beer blogger Michael Tonsmeire (The Mad Fermentationist) who now runs the brewery Sapwood Cellars with Scott Janish. Bootleg Biology propped the blend up and developed it for two years until it became available initially.

The Mad Fermentationist Blend contains one Saison strain, a wild saccharomyces, a rare Brettanomyces and a lactobacillus culture.

 At around 20°C you can ferment this blend to create a rather neutral and clean beer. Ramp the temperature up to 27°C and you can tickle a lot of stone fruit and pepper aroma from this blend.

As Brettanomyces is a great oxygen scavenger, you can throw the culture at hoppy worts. To emphasize fruitiness and avoid the production of acetic acid, you should dry hop during the fermentation and prime with sugar.

Yeast typ: Blend of Saccaromyces, Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus Kultur

Floccation: Medium

Attenuation: 90 - 100 %

Fermentation Temperature: 20 - 27 °C ( 68 - 80 °F)

Final pH: 3,5 - 3,8

For direct pitch

Quelle: Bootleg Biology
Yeast typ: top-fermenting
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