Bootleg Double NEEPAH Kveik Blend - Ale Yeast

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For this blend different Kveik strains got combined to produce insanely fruity NEIPAs and Pale Ales ? within a matter of days!

The balanced profile supports modern hops without being too forward.

That´s why you can use this blend for other styles as well.

Beside for worts up to 20°P you can use this this blend to ferment even kettle sours that already have a low pH.

Yeast typ: Brewer' Yeast, S. cerevisiae, variant

Floccation: Low, Hazy (but not yeasty!)

Attenuation: 75 - 82 %

Fermentation Temperature: 19 - 21 °C ( 66 - 70 °F)

Final pH: 4,1 - 4,4

For direct pitch

Quelle: Bootleg Biology
Yeast typ: top-fermenting
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Contents:85,00 g