Bootleg Chardonay - Ale

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This unique saccharomyces got isolated from grapes from the Gordon Estate Winery in Pasco, Washington.

At Ale temperatures Chardonnay is rather neutral and produces slight phenols like banana and citrus. You can not only ferment beer, but also wine, meads and cider with it!


For beer:

Especially in hoppy worts, Chardonnay emphasizes the tropical fruit character of modern hops. As it´s a rather slow flocculator, it´d match hazy IPAs and Pales perfectly.


For wine:

Short lag phase, low sulfur production and a vigorous fermentation is what this yeast is known for. Through the high alcohol tolerance (13%) it is easy to ferment any must with it!

Yeast typ: Saccaromyces cerevisiae boulardii, lacal yeast

Floccation: Low - Medium

Attenuation: 70 - 80 %

Fermentation Temperature: 19 - 22 °C (66 - 72 °F)

Final pH: 4,4 - 4,6

For direct pitch

Quelle: Bootleg Biology
Yeast typ: top-fermenting Cider Yeast
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