Boostard® Brauerei-Set

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Cleaning kit consisting of: 1x Boostard Whizzi, 1x Boostard Softie, 1x Boostard Pad and a storage bag

Boostard Whizzi

For us, he is the all-rounder in the Boostard family. On the one hand, it is pleasantly soft and on the other hand, with its built-in poly strips, it also very well solves medium-strong contamination. The Boostard-Whizzi does very good work with water only. All products of the Boostard collection can also be combined with standard detergents (without chlorine) for the basic cleaning. Whizzi has also integrated the proven Boostard backup loop. This makes them more comfortable to care, because your Boostard stays secure on your wrist.

Material: polyester / poliamide

Boostard Softie

Our friend of all. With its soft fibers, it gently maintains the surfaces. Whether it is wet the outside / deck is or nebelfeucht in the interior / salon / pantry. Our Softie takes care of its name and cleans very effectively and gently. The Boostard-Softie is only used with water, but can also be used for annual basic cleaning combined with commercially available cleaners (without chlorine!). Softie is equipped with the well-known Boostard safety loop - more comfort during maintenance, because your Boostard stays secure on your wrist.

Material: polyester

Boostard Pad

The PAD is suitable for Boostard monsters, Whizzi, Softie and Tousle.

The PAD provides an extra portion of water and can be combined with the above Boostard's. Easy and fast it is inserted into the fiber and ensures an enormous water intake during cleaning and care.

Diameter: 160 mm

Boostard Bag

The bag is the ideal butler for our Boostard fibers and their accessories.

Clean and space-saving, everything is in this round stylish bag dreamed. Multiple fibers can be inserted one above the other or stored together with the PAD.

The water-repellent inner coating also makes it possible to transport even humid Boostard fibers at home, in a clean and safe manner. In a practical format the Boostard Bag can be found in any place.

Clean stowed and always ready for use ready for use!

Note: Symbols on illustrations - Article does not contain any cleaning fibers!

Cleaning kit contents: 1x Boostard Whizzi, 1x Boostard Softie, 1x Boostard Pad, 1x Boostard Bag

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