BIELMEIER Läuter- und Gärbottich BHG 425 in Kupferoptik

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BIELMEIER Hobby Brewing System in Set BHG 405 in copper optics

This Mash- and Wort Tun and Lauter- and Fermenting Tun has a wonderful copper optic and has a high quality in the processing so your self brewed beer will always be good es ever.
If it's be mashing or cooking of your own wort. You could use this machine in copper optic in various places and you cook your fruits or vegetables with it as well. With the temperature control you can hold the temperature easily at the same level.

  • Mash- and Wort Tun made of stainless steel in copper optics
  • Lauter - and Fermenting Tun in copper optics with lid, stainless steel drain tap
  • Strainer Insert made of stainless steel
  • Spoon made of beech wood
  • Airlock with adapter made of rubber
  • Hydrometer
  • Measuring Cylinder made of glass
  • Ladle made of stainless steel
  • Digital Thermometer with sensor
  • Insert grid made of plastic
  • Detailed user manual with included brewing instructions

Technical data:

  • Connected Load: 230V ~ 50Hz/ 2000W
  • Tank volume Mash Tun: about 27 liters
  • Tank volume Lauter -/ Fermenting Tun: about 35 liters
  • Measurements Mash Tun (H x W x D): 40,5 x 46 x 38 cm
  • Measurements Lauter -/ Fermenting Tun (H x W x D): 35,5 x 47 x 37 cm

Source: Bielmeier
Product weight:19,00 Kg

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