BIELMEIER Brausystem / Edelstahl / 27 Liter / BHG 403

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The Bielmeier beer brewing system BHG 403 offers all necessary tools you need to brew the highest quality beer.

The perfect brewing system for home
The high-quality BIELMEIER home brewing system in new design made of hygienic stainless steel has been specially developed for beer lovers who finally can brew beer in their own taste. Whether Pils, wheat, Märzen, Bock, barley gold or ale - choose from different BIELMEIER brewing mixtures your favorite beer and you can give up industrially produced beer in the future.

Be your own master brewer by using the BIELMEIER complete brewing system
The easy of use with a detailed manual instruction makes the BIELMEIER brewing system ideal for home use. It includes everything you need to brew beer, from mashing and brewing kettle with digital temperature control, lautering and fermentation vat and all necessary accessories even optional beer bottles. Your friends will definitely often invite themselves to drink a beer at your home.

The modern, easy to operate and the easy to read LED display with ergonomic push button allows a precise temperature and time setting.
The integrated 120-minute timer with time return indicator turns off automatically after the set time.

The BIELMEIER brewing system is a overall solution, a high-quality product and easy to use

  • The new circuit board and sensor technology allow precise temperature and time display. Even with the lower range of about 30 ° C, the tolerance is +/- 1 ° C.
  • Special accessories as brewing mixtures, cooling coil and beer bottles are available at BIELMEIER.
  • Through one brewing process about 25 liters of beer can be obtained.
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals: Very easy handling and yet enough room for individual creativity by experimenting with temperature and time.
  • Optimal mashing and quick cooling, due to the integrated thermostat, the timer and the cooling coil made of stainless steel (optional).
  • Perfect processing: german quality standards. Stainless steel and high quality plastics.
  • Multifunctionality: The BIELMEIER mash and brew tub built-in heating element can also be used to prepare mulled wine or preserve fruits and vegetables.


Model details

  • 10-piece set (including user manuals and brewing instructions)

Accessories (included)

  • Mash Tun / Wort Kettle made of stainless steel, digital temperature and time control, built-in heating element, plastic lid, stainless steel drain tap 3/4", Safety plug with a cable length of 135 cm
  • Lauter -/ Fermenting Tun made of stainless steel, stainless steel lid, stainless steel drain tap 1/2"
  • Strainer Insert made of stainless steel 
  • Spoon made of beech wood
  • Airlock with adapter made of rubber
  • Hydrometer
  • Measuring Cylinder made of glass
  • Ladle made of stainless steel
  • Digital Thermometer with sensor
  • Insert grid made of plastic
  • User manual for brewing system with brewing instructions
  • User manual for preserving cookers and mulled wine machines

Special accessories (not included)

  • Spiral Cooler made of stainless steel
  • Bielmeier Beer Bottles / 2 l / 6 pieces / 12 bar / incl. self-adhesive labels
  • Bielmeier Beer Bottles / 1 l / 6 pieces / 12 bar / incl. self-adhesive labels

Technical details

  • Connected Load: 230V ~ 50Hz/ 1800W
  • Tank volume Mash Tun: about 27 liters
  • Tank volume Lauter -/ Fermenting Tun: about 25 liters
  • Measurements Mash Tun (H x W): 49 x 46 cm
  • Measurements Lauter -/ Fermenting Tun (H x W): 36 x 49 cm
  • VDE/CE
Product weight:16,00 Kg
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